Data processing & machine learning services

Improving systems with modern technology

We build dedicated models that empower intelligent systems to deal with modern business challenges and provide better insight into the decision making process.

Data processing and machine learning services

When will it turn out to be useful?

AI methods like data processing & machine learning will turn out to be useful when a problem is complex and cannot be solved by employing traditional programming approach, e.g.:

Resource optimization

Optimal routing of transportation fleet and cargo space management, staff scheduling

Natural language processing

Sentiment analysis, chatbots, personal assistants, machine translations

Image processing

Facial recognition, medical diagnostics, optical defect detection, suspicious behaviour detection, IoT

Decision supporting systems

Power plant management, Assembly line automation, BI

What benefits does the approach bring?

Eliminating manual tasks

Discovering previously unknown dependencies

Processing and supervising vast amount of data

Improving business models and services

Data processing & machine learning services case study

FireTMS is a technology company that delivers professional solutions for the transportation, logistics and forwarding industry. Due to process automation, its system makes the customer's daily duties easier. Therefore FireTMS knows how to speed up TSL business.

Data processing and machine learning services

What have we done for FireTMS?

Our vision is to create an artificial freight forwarder, fully autonomous module for freight management. We are taking the first steps in this direction by providing a planning module for FireTMS. Every day, hundreds of professionals fill thousands of tables, making plenty of calls and analysing available resources striving to create an optimal plan. We are taking this effort from their back by delivering a dynamic and flexible planning tool.

Our responsibility:

By using DDD (Domain Driven Design) and Event-driven architecture we developed an easy to use application to run a transport company. The task of our Machine Learning team is to create an application that manages, controls, validate and compares optimal resources deployment.

Benefits for customers:

We provide an easy way for effortless handling of everyday tasks and more transparent business decision validation. With our solution, you can take one step ahead of the competition and use data-driven business development for your company’s growth.

The team has met all of our technological and business requirements. The cooperation was successful, so together we created TMS ready to face the challenges of logistics 4.0 world.

Krzysztof Adamczyk


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